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iCADMac! The user friendly, 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X which reads and writes AutoCAD® DWG format and costs a fraction of the price!

It's easy to use, thanks to the high level of compatibility with AutoCAD, and it's easy on your wallet, at only 1/5th the cost. iCADMac is the ideal choice for low cost CAD. If you need a quality CAD tool, yet with a reasonable price, iCADMac is the best opportunity for DWG Compatible CAD software without the out of control pricing of AutoCAD!

Choose from the following licenses:

  • Single License:  low cost with easy registration process 
  • USB License: plug in the USB dongle, and your ready to work!
Why choose iCADMac?
  • Easy to Use:

    Highly customizable user interface that is familiar to CAD users.
  • Affordable:

    iCADMac costs just 1/5 the cost of AutoCAD, yet offers similar functions.
  • DWG format:

    drawing files that are fully compatible with Auto CAD, no conversion required.
  • 30-day FREE complete trial

    : Download iCADMac and see how it compares before purchase.
  • Free Updates:

    You'll get FREE updates, until the next major upgrade.
  • Save on subscription services

    1 Year Subscription:

      Purchase an iCARE Subscription when you buy iCADMac and receive your first year of Subscription Services at a 10% discount!
    • direct technical assistance
    • minor version updates
    • video courses
    • Access clients area online
    • Online Helpdesk
    • Feature suggestions
iCADMac works with iPad's

Your projects can follow wherever you go with iCADMac!

With just a click, Send your DWG drawing from iCADMac to your iPad™ and back.

PDF iCADMac imports and converts your PDF into a DWG file... With layers, dimensions...

Download the iCADMac Brochure
What's New in iCADMac 2018
  • 2018 DWG support
  • Support of MAC OS X from El Capitan to the latest High Sierra
  • The user interface design has been optimized to make the software easier to use
  • Enhanced Menus to offer more efficient work, saving many mouse clicks through more complete and functional contextual menus
  • Two user interface themes. The classic light grey theme and the new "Dark 2018" theme ideal for high resolution (4k) graphics devices thanks to the vector icons of the menus
  • Array along a path copy an object or a block in series along a defined path
  • AutoComplete feature to speed up work when typing commands and system variables
  • Trim hatches and gradients with the Trim and PowerTrim commands (trimmed hatches remain associative and behave as a single entity)
  • SuperHatch creates an area hatch using an image, a block, an external reference or a wipeout
  • Quick and easy in-place modification of polyline geometry through Multifunction Grips and Contextual Shortcut Menus
  • Default layers for hatches and dimensions through the HPLAYER and DIMLAYER system variables
  • Dozens of new commands in the Express Tools menu
  • EditXBlockAttribute allows to change attribute properties in blocks, including layer, color, text style, and other text settings
  • SplitDimension interrupts or rebuilds dimension and extension lines at the intersection of other objects
  • ChangeSpace transfers entities from Model workspace to Sheet workspace and vice versa.
  • Print dialog box improvements. Redesigned the Print dialog box to improve usability. The print preview is dynamically updated when you change the print settings
  • Centerline automatically creates an axis or a bisector by selecting pairs of lines, arcs or polylines
  • Dozens of new variables to improve work and compatibility
  • SetByLayer modifies properties (color, linetype, line width, transparency) of specified entities setting them to ByLayer
  • Auto-Hide palettes (eg. Properties Panel) collapses palettes automatically whenever you move the pointer away from the palette. Palettes expand when you move the pointer to the title bar of a collapsed palette
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